Best Photos of Camotes, Cebu

Fare and Boat Schedule to Camotes

Travel duration is approximately two (2) hours.

Here's the map of Camotes.

Here's the picture of the boats going to Camotes.

Fare as of 2014: approximately 200-250 pesos

Fare as of April 2011:
Jomalia  --P200.00(A/C)   -P180.00(Non A/C)
Golden Shipping Fastcraft  -P560(one day advance-RT)
Sto Nino de Cebu  (big pumpboat) -P180.00
Super Shuttle Ferry   P180.00

Here's the schedule:

Time        Port of Origin     Port of Destination    Vessel

530AM    Ouano Port             Poro              Ave Maria pumpboat
530AM     Danao Port            Consuelo      Jomalia Shipping
630AM     Danao Port            Consuelo       Super Shuttle Ferry
830AM     Danao Port            Consuelo       Jomalia Shipping

900AM     Pier 1(Cebu City)   Poro              Golden Shipping Fastcraft
1000AM     Danao Port            Consuelo       Jomalia Shipping
1030AM    Danao Port           Consuelo       RJR pumpboat

1200NN   Danao Port            Consuelo      Jomalia Shipping
100PM     Danao Port             Poro             Super Shuttle Ferry
530PM     Pier 1(Cebu City)    Poro            Golden Shipping Fastcraft
530PM    Danao Port              Consuelo     Jomalia Shipping
930PM    Danao Port              Consuelo     Jomalia Shipping

*Jomalia Shipping  schedule- updated as of March 20, 2014

Upon arriving at Consuelo port, you may hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) in going  your resort.

Here's the map of Camotes.

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